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About Riding to Raise Money

Riding to Raise Money, a motorcycle stunt group based out of Hopedale, MA, was founded in 2002 by Dan Duest. Dan has been stunt riding for 15 years, but has been riding motorcycles since childhood.  In 2002, Dan turned his hobby and passion into a focused organization that supports charities for down syndrome. 

Dan says, "The drive to build awareness and support this cause was motivated by my daughter being born with down syndrome.  Since the origination of Riding to Raise Money we have grown and went on to support many different causes that I find need the attention and support of the community and the organization."

Riding to Raise Money is non-profit, all donations and proceeds go to the event that was supported.  Below I have listed just some of the events we have went on to sponsor and help raise awareness and funding for their charities and non-profit organizations:

  - Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center

  - Walter Reed Veterans Hospital

  - Children’s Books (Step into Reading) & Local children’s community events

  - Care Packages for US Military (Iraq and Afghanistan)

  - Am Vets

  - Ashland Police Department

  - Boston Children’s Hospital